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 SUB-FORUM RULES (read before going elsewhere in here!)

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PostSubject: SUB-FORUM RULES (read before going elsewhere in here!)   Tue May 08, 2007 11:54 pm

Just some guidelines for all the RPers in this Sub Forum.

~+ General Rules +~

1. Be as literate as possible.
2. Chatspeak, noobspeak, etc. is not allowed, unless your post contains a text message or an IM chat response. (e.g. Tnx man!)
3. Refrain from cussing and swearing directly at fellow RPers - unless OBVIOUSLY in jest. Take personal issues to the Tambayan Mayhem section of this forum.
4. If you wish to address a fellow RPer in the middle of an on-going RP, please enclose your messages/conversation in any of the following only:
5. You may or may not color code your RP posts. It is also up to you if you wish to color code in-RP messages. (refer to #4)
6. Refrain from using the smileys in your RP texts. It can lead to confusion. Smileys MAY be used, however, in the in-RP messages (refer to #4)
6. GOD-MODDING is STRICTLY not allowed for whatever reason or purpose. (If you don't kno what god-modding is, PM me. I promise a very detailed and colorful explanation.)

~+ RP Set-Up Rules +~
1. The RATING of the RP must be placed at the TOP RIGHT corner of the first post.
2. The first post MUST contain the summary of the RP. Just a short paragraph or two relating the setting, general plot, and other details will do.
3. A character list may or may not be included. It is preferable if the said list is included in the first post, beneath the summary.
4. It is the thread-maker's responsibility to set personal rules in the first or (if he/she wishes to be more official) second post. Examples of such rules are:
> Permit of cussing in the RP
> What perspective the RP will be conducted in (i.e. 1st person or 3rd person).
> Gender discrimination (i.e. If the RP tolerates/will include het/homo/bi relationships).

~+ Character Sheet Rules +~

1. To set up a new character sheet thumb-TUCK, please use the following format:
*insert RP NAME*:: Character Sheets
2. A HEADSHOT of the character may or may not be included in profile post. If there are other drawings of the character, please post in the Art Gallery and provide a link in your character profile post. This rule applies for images made AFTER the RP has begun.
3. The presence of Mary/Gary Sue characters is subject to the decision of the thread/RP-maker.

If there will be a change in the rules or any additions made to the humble lists, notice will be added to the Thread Header. Twisted Evil

Any questions that may arise regarding the rules, please don't hesitate to post them here. Very Happy
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SUB-FORUM RULES (read before going elsewhere in here!)
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